Thomas Rhett Previews New Song ‘Vacation’ With Music Video


By Christina Vinson

Thomas Rhett will be sharing new music from Tangled Up by releasing a new video every Friday until the album’s release on Sept. 25, and the first song he’s revealing coincides perfectly with the current summer season.

The tune is a party anthem, “Vacation,” and even when the skies are gray, fans will still want to dance around to the upbeat track. With its spoken-word verses, the new song is reminiscent of Jake Owen‘s “Beachin’,” but the vocals are unmistakably Rhett.

“With a little under a month until Tangled Up comes out, I am pumped to start sharing some more music off this record,” says Rhett in a press release. “I wanted to start with a track that just feels good and is fun, so here we go with “Vacation.”

“Clearly, with lyrics like ‘Billabong bikini’ and ‘Solo cup amplifier,’ the song is about having a good time, whether you actually are on vacation — like we are in the video — or just kicking back in a kiddie pool in your backyard,” the singer adds.

As Rhett says, the song’s lyrics are all about having a good time on (and off) vacation, whether you’re at a Motel 6 or in Turks and Caicos.

“My girl is rocking that Billabong bikini like she’s sponsored / And she’s asking me if I can rub that Coppertone on her / Got a couple bucks, but I’m spending them like they pesos / Might be Motel 6, but it feels like Turks and Caicos,” Rhett sings in the first verse.

The “Vacation” music video was filmed in July during a Hawaii vacation Rhett and his wife Lauren took, and it features their time in paradise with one another and a few friends. The clip follows them skydiving, jumping off cliffs, swimming in the deep blue sea and more — and now, more than ever, we’re itching to go to Hawaii.

“Put a little liquor in my coconut water / Party all day like you’re at your alma mater,” sings the country star.

Tangled Up‘s first single, “Crash and Burn,” is the fastest-rising single of Rhett’s career and has been certified gold. This fall, the 25-year-old will headline the 2015 CMT on Tour with buddy Brett Eldredge.