‘The Voice’ winner: Boyd’s life deserving of a country music song


By Charlie Hall, Sun Journal Staff

Country singer Craig Wayne Boyd, who catapulted to national fame last year by winning television’s “The Voice,” was on the verge of giving up his musical dream just weeks before he got an invite to audition for the popular NBC program.

He didn’t reply for nearly two weeks, taking time to make sure he wanted to give it another shot. But, he accepted, gave solid popular performances throughout and hit a musical home run with his rendition of the gospel classic “The Old Rugged Cross.”

These days, he is booked across the country. He spoke to the Sun Journal from Seattle, Wash., on Tuesday just hours before a concert. On Saturday night, he will bring his talents to the Sudan Shrine Auditorium stage in New Bern.

He had toiled in Nashville for nearly a decade as a writer and performer. Despite playing about 200 dates a year by 2014, Boyd admits: “I was paying out more than I was bringing in.”

By then, he also had a son, Jackson Wayne Boyd, who figured heavily into his musical decisions.

“Ends were not meeting,” he said. “Those fatherly duties and responsibilities to provide come into play. You realize that at one point you are going to change what you are doing, because it’s not working.”

Two weeks later, in a storyline deserving of an aspiring singer, he got an email from a casting company for “The Voice” offering an audition.