Ricky Gunn, ‘Livin’ Like Me’ Music Video


By Angela Stefano  theboot.com

Ricky Gunn has a new single out, “Livin’ Like Me,” and he’s premiering the tune’s accompanying music video exclusively on The Boot.

The song is the title track from Gunn’s debut album, which was released on July 17 on New Canvas Entertainment. It follows the singer-songwriter’s debut single, “King of This Town.”

“”Livin’ Like Me” is [like] my baby,” Gunn tells The Boot. “It was the first song I wrote for the album, and I’m so excited to finally release it. It’s simply about my life and dream and what it’s like to be me …”

The “Livin’ Like Me” music video follows Gunn’s life on the road: His bus rolls from gig to gig, and footage of Gunn performing for crowds in various towns and cities is interspersed with shots of him playing the song on an acoustic guitar while sitting in the back of his tour bus.

“A kick-a– band, a microphone and me / Yeah, stand up, and raise your hands, everybody sing / Yeah, that’s livin’ / That’s livin’ like me,” Gunn sings in the chorus of “Livin’ Like Me.”

A Columbus, Ga., native, Gunn learned to play guitar as a teenager, taught by his grandfather. His sound is polished and modern, but Gunn’s songwriting is where he shows his love for the old-school country greats.

“I think we covered all the bases as far as our vibe and what we dig and the style we like,” Gunn says of his record. “I think there is a variety of sounds and tastes … Somebody can dig at least one of the songs on the record.”

“Livin’ Like Me,” as well as Gunn’s entire album, is available for download on iTunes.