NFL Lineman JJ Watt Tackles Zac Brown Band Stage-Crasher [Watch]


By Billy Dukes

A Zac Brown Band fan jumped on stage to join the group in Milwaukee on Sunday, but Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt made sure the man’s appearance was short … and painful. Watch as Watt sacks the man like he was quarterbacking the Tennessee Titans.

There’s some who say Watt’s tackle was staged, and they’re likely right. The man has been identified as Jake Bartol, also known as Flody Boatwood. By day he’s part of the ZBB’s sound crew, but he also is the star of several of the group’s music videos like “Toes” and “Knee Deep.”

We say: who cares? The moment takes a page from the Terry Tate, Office Linebacker playbook and is pure awesomeness to watch over and over again. Zac Brown Band didn’t respond to the incident on their Twitter account, but retweeted several mentioning the moment. Boatwood posted about the incident on Facebook, offering this alternative view: