Hear Alabama’s Collaboration with Alison Krauss, ‘Come Find Me’


By Christina Vinson  theboot.com


Southern Drawl, Alabama‘s first album of new songs since 2001, is coming out soon — Sept. 18 — but that’ just not soon enough for the band’s massive fan base. Thankfully, their collaboration with Alison Krauss, “Come Find Me,” has been revealed and you can listen to it on The Boot.

The tender tune is from the view of a musician on the road, miles and miles away from the one his heart loves. Krauss sings on the bridge with band members Teddy Gentry and Randy Owen and also plays the fiddle on the romantic song. “Come find me / I’m out on the wind tonight / Come find me / Sure could use my friend tonight,” the song begs. It’s a yearning and wistful request for his love to come find him — he’s weary of the road and the travel and instead, wants to be in her arms.

“There’s a line that says, ‘Every now and then, I get to rolling and the wheels come loose. I’m rocking like a rock star dude out here in the crazy.’ We’ve lived that one. Are you kidding?” Owen says (quote via Rolling Stone).

“Come Find Me,” Gentry recalls, was one of the last two songs Alabama found for the record. ” When “Come Find Me” played, he says, “I thought it was a really cool song about being out on the road away from the one you love. It’s a really special song. I’m so happy with the way it turned out.”

The other song they found was “Wasn’t Through Loving You Yet,” the trio’s lead single for the new record.

While fans will undoubtedly love this song, which tugs at emotions in its gentle yet insistent want, Owen’s wife Kelly may be its biggest fan. Recently, she told her husband she was “losing faith in country music,” but hearing “Come Find Me” brought her back.

“She said, ‘When somebody comes along and writes a song like that, it brings me back in again.’ That’s about as strong, for me, as it can get as far as a compliment about a song,” Owen says. “Then the next morning she made my coffee and we always write little notes to one another. She wrote some little things I can’t say and then she wrote, ‘Come find me.’ So I was like, ‘OK, she loves it!’ The greatest critic in the world can also give you the most pleasure when she tells you she’s crazy about a song. She’s lived that one.”

Southern Drawl will be chock full (13 songs total) of Alabama’s unique sound, and judging by the few songs we’ve heard thus far, it will be another hit record.