Garth Brooks Breaks His Phoenix Record Selling Over 60,000 Tickets


By Courtney Carr

When it was announced that Garth Brooks was returning to Phoenix it was a big deal. What is an even bigger deal is that Brooks just broke a record for that six-concert run.

Brooks will be returning to Phoenix for the first time in 19 years and has already sold over 60,000 tickets. This new record amount of tickets sold breaks the previous record he set in 1996 when he sold 53,248 tickets at American West Arena.

The wildly anticipated set of Phoenix shows are taking place with single shows on Oct. 16 & 17 with two performances slated for both Oct. 23 and 24. Although Brooks already broke his previous record, tickets are still on sale meaning the final number will be even greater than 60,000.

Brooks’ Phoenix stop is included as part of the second leg of his World Tour that kicks off on Sept. 17. The second round of cities will see a different show than the first, assuring repeat concert goers a different experience.

“We have taken a lot of looks at what’s working, got rid of things that weren’t, and we’re coming out with a brand-new look,” Brooks explains. “We’re gonna re-design the whole video world, the wings of the stage are a little different, and the setlist is kind of … it’s starting to fall into the sweet spot.

“We’re bringing a whole new look,” he adds. “If anybody came out to Tulsa, went down to Houston, over to New Orleans, whatever, this is gonna be a different look than what they saw.”

Tickets sales are currently limited at eight tickets per person and can be purchased through or either Ticketmaster Express 1-866-448-7849 or 1-800-745-3000. A complete list of Brooks’ World Tour dates is available here.